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She accuses me of still being in love with my late wife and not letting go of the past.I've tried to reassure her, but I feel that I have to constantly censor myself to avoid setting her off.I assumed they were using protection but the other night I asked the boyfriend about it. We've been together for a year now and are monogamous.” I am in shock.My friend is being bizarrely protected by everybody with people advising that I stay out of their business. I feel that my friend's partner deserves to know, but how do I tell him, or who does it?Is there a quick way to shut down the conception questions without offending our loved ones? ” are four words that should not be uttered consecutively to a woman who has just told you the happy news of her pregnancy.Of course you are entitled to tell your loved ones nothing.This week the column is devoted to the question many people ask after they read a particularly juicy letter: What happened next?

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(My parents are no longer with us.) Six months ago, I met a wonderful woman I love and want to marry.

My problem is that she is very twitchy about my relationship with my in-laws.

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