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The package contains customizable functions to prepare, verify, process and plot dendrometer series, as well as functions that facilitate the analysis of dendrometer data (i.e.

daily statistics or extracted cyclic phases) in relation to environmental data.

Mais il devrait rappeler au GIEC que la mise en place d'une réforme de son comportement et de ses procédures doit être mise en place, de manière visible et rapidement.

Ce mois-ci, le GIEC est de nouveau dans le collimateur de la lunette.

at FUUAST's Botany Department, she also mentioned establishment of Sports Science, Bio Technology and other new departments at FUUAST during past 11 years besides being the first general university of the country that through its law department has also produced M.

"Durant les deux dernières années, le GIEC a démontré un talent pour se placer lui-même dans des situations embarrassantes, se mettant ainsi en situation de cible facile pour les critiques et les sceptiques du climat.

By observing the pattern formed by a tree's rings, scientists can learn about the environmental changes that took place during the period in which it was growing.

They can also match up the pattern in trees whose age is known to the pattern in a piece of wood found at an archaeological site, thereby establishing the approximate date of the site.

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Written by Christian Zang and Franco Biondi, this R package comes with powerful tools to replicate and build upon the analyses made originally available in the Windows program Dendro CLIM2002.

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