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They choose to pay for sex rather than end the relationship. For the right price a man can literally do whatever he wants, a huge turn-on for most men. Date Me, a private dating site in Kenya did an opinion poll and asked: “Should Prostitution be legalised in Kenya?

They satisfy their sexual urge without creating emotional attachments or starting a new relationship.4. Some will argue that paying for sex is cheaper than having a relationship. ” Out of the 152 men who answered, 42 (30%) said yes and 107 (70%) said no.

HIV prevalence peaked at 10.5% in 1996, and had fallen to 5.9% by 2015.

This is mainly due to the rapid scaling up of HIV treatment and care.3 Kenya’s HIV epidemic is often referred to as generalised – affecting all sections of the population including children, young people, adults, women and men.

30% of new HIV infections in Kenya are among people from key populations However, in recent years a number of studies have identified concentrated epidemics among certain groups who are particularly vulnerable to HIV transmission.

The government’s current HIV/AIDS strategy, the Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework 2014/2015 – 2018/2019 [pdf] (KASF) acknowledges this, describing the epidemic as “deeply rooted among the general population” alongside “concentration of very high prevalence among key populations.”4It is estimated that 30% of new annual HIV infections in Kenya are among people from key populations.

This kind of attitude, the communicators say gives credibility to the justification of casual sex as okay.

The study was led by Ann Miller of the University of Central Florida, US, and involved among others Nancy Achieng Booker of the Graduate School of Media Communications at Aga Khan University.

That breakdown is important if you are in contact with a Kenyan woman, because the girls from Nairobi are going to be much more sophisticated about the world than girls from smaller towns and villages.The work which appears in the current issue of the says local media content is hardly promoting a ‘safe sex’ culture among adolescents.This, the authors say is despite the eminent danger of HIV infection and teen pregnancies facing the young generation.Ian Isherwood tells you what motivates men to pay for sex and what it would mean to legalise the oldest profession in the world. From sex tourism along the Coast to ‘massage spas’ in urban towns focusing on massaging one area of the male ego.A prostitute is defined as: “a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.”READ ALSO: After Nakuru, trouble hits prostitutes in Kisii county Prostitution is often described as the world’s oldest profession.

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