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, increasing his stake to 3.5 million shares from 3 million shares between the two quarters.

It looks as though the update is done but the net worth doesn't change and when i look at the price history on my shares they haven't updated. Once that is done, when attempting a One Step Update, click on the 'Select Quotes' option in the dialog box and ensure all relevant securities are ticked. However my stock types are by the self made list I've always used for many years - eg tobacco, transport, media, health etc.

I'll also search for it over here so I can see the information about the stock function. The first one is going to be a symbol so for instance the stock symbol. I'll do a quote AAPL which is the Apple stock price, close quote there and I will get the value for Apple stock right now. So let's make things a little bit more interesting. So, for instance I can do stock and click there of course, comma, and let's use one of these other things I can do; open, close, change, market cap, volume, anything I want. If I copy and paste it here and here then the formula will move accordingly and I get Apple, Inc, Alphabet, Inc which is the official name for Goggle, and Tesla, Inc. If I wanted to have the volume I can do the volume and I'll copy and paste it for those.

So, for instance, stock and if I wanted say Goggle I can do that. You can see it gives me the official name for the company.

Loeb also bought a 4.5 million share stake in Alibaba and boosted his Bank of America Corp.

investment to 15 million shares from 13.5 million shares, among other changes.

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