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The purpose of Debt Consolidation is to consolidate all your debt, with the view to freeing up cash flow and having better control over your debt.

Debt consolidation is where someone obtains a new loan to pay out a number of smaller loans, debts, or bills that they are currently making payments on.

Debt consolidation is a popular (and legal) way to significantly lower your debt in Canada.

In this guide, 20-year financial expert Paul Murphy takes you through the basics of why Canadians use debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation is a strategy to roll multiple old debts into a single new one.

Make a budget to pay off your debt by the end of the introductory period, because any remaining balance after that time will be subject to a regular credit card interest rate.It is a financial solution designed to simplify multiple debt repayments and, under some circumstances, save the debtor money.The process essentially involves taking out a new, single loan, at the lowest possible interest rate, to pay off multiple smaller debts.It’s sad to see so many Canadians struggling to manage their finances. By the end of this short guide, you’ll know more about debt consolidation than most Canadians.And when it comes to debt, things become really murky. I’ll answer the questions I hear all the time from 4 Pillars clients including: Debt consolidation involves taking out one big loan to pay off many small loans.

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In doing this they effectively bring all these debts together into one combined loan with one monthly payment.

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