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They fall flat on their faces when a “rebound” relationship fails.

Getting back into “game shape” for life and love begins with putting your emotional house in order. This means facing our fears, rather than letting them run us, fending off feelings of desperation and panic, allowing ourselves ample time to heal, finding constructive ways to express the anger and sorrow we may feel and keeping the faith that we’ll someday find love again.

Few things in life are as uplifting as being in a loving relationship. Whether we lose them as the result of death or a “living loss” like separation, divorce, infidelity, alcohol, drug addiction, illness, injury or something else, moving on can present some daunting challenges.

Often, getting over someone means dealing with all the practical paraphernalia that partnerships bring in their wake.

Dealing with this can often be such a painful reminder of what you’ve lost that we often put off sorting things out.

Perhaps the most important thing is learning from what happened. This means not accepting blame from a partner that you are the one who was solely responsible for things not working out.

Unless you were in an abusive relationship, the fact is that both you and your partner probably contributed to the downfall of your partnership.

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"I did the things I loved, like bowling—and that's where I met my husband." She was 43, and they married eleven months later.

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