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Keep in mind that ultimately, text game depends on the conte.Every celebrity has at least 1 real life lookalike, but when that doppelganger is a porn-star, things get a lot more interesting and fantasies get more real (or unreal, depending on your frame of reference).

This objection is best handled preemptively in Comfort, by conveying to her in one way or another that you like her and care about her.The first strategy for overcoming LMR is the seven-hour game plan.By following the game plan and waiting at least seven hours before you seduce the girl, you remove the objections that have to do with her feeling that she does not know you well enough.I don’t just mean emotionally comfortable, which in itself goes a long way to lowering Anti Slut Defense, but I mean physically comfortable.When you walk in the door, hang up her coat for her. The easiest excuse to get her to take off her shoes is to just say you’re Asian. You want her to feel at home, so like any good host you will have offered her a drink and let her know where the bathroom is.

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